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Ajay @ Barmacy Raj Wedding
A night out at Barmacy - only hours before Heidi got her second tattoo Me and Jeff at Raj's wedding
Raj done
Vettro's CEO, Raj, drunk and passed out on the floor around 5AM. Someone called the cops on him in the morning, when they thought he was a burglar. The building super told the cops he was the CEO.
The Brothers Palumbo Fine Meats
The Palumbo Brothers at Quay's wedding David Mogen and Buck Mandingo
Ajay drunk July 4th at Lenny's
Me drunk at Jenny's wedding Me at Lenny's July 4th 1998 BBQ
Once sober, twice drunk.
Siren Music Festival
Flyer for the First Annual Siren Music Festival at Coney Island

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