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First Gallery of Friends

The Staley's
Brenda, Jeff and the new baby Sophia
Alex and Anjie Alex and Anjie
Alex and Anjie at Bailey's Island Alex and Anjie at home
Michi and Midori Jake at Rudy's
Michi and Midori Jake fighting the pig before we go into Rudy's Bar
Jenny's Wedding Heidi angry at Jenny's wedding
Jenny's Wedding -- Milwaukee, WI 8/17/96
Ajay and Eileen West End
Me and NYPD's finest Me and a bunch of suits at The (West) Dead End
ApeMan Crew Phoolios
The core pre-noon ApeMan BBQ crew (Joh666n must have taken this pix, noting his absence) The twisted ApeMan BBQ crew
Piggy Niagra Dogs
Nothing compares to an ApeMan BBQ Bocce in Niagra with Smitty, Jake, Dino and Step
Ajay and Freak Jake and Kool guys
Me and Jake at some kool BBQ and sake joint in the Ueno section of Tokyo after 3 hours
Wakamoto Buddha
Kids, remember the Wakamoto for scat problems is to be taken orally, not as a suppository The Big Buddha in Kamakura, Japan

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