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Gallery of Random Pixs

Anjie and Ajay at The Brooklyn Bridge Al at The Bike Shop
Anjie and Ajay at The Brooklyn Bridge Alex at a great NYC Bike Shop right off The Williamsburg Bridge
Folding Bike Convention
We happened to pass by a Folding Bike Convention group during our trip around Manhattan and Anjie and Al were riding Classic British folding bikes, complete with internal 3-Speed rear hubs.
Alex and Max's
After a day of riding bikes around NYC, Alex turns in his skateboard
and folding bike for a pastry and cappuccino at Max's Cafe.
Skinny Al Adam Natas
Skinny Al Adam no nick-name
The Rishi children
I don't Raju's kids names.
Me and Elizabeth Johnny Cash
If Elizabeth lost 20 lbs. and 5 years may be she would stop saying I give her "No Love" Johnny Cash shows No Love at San Quentin in 1969. Image rereleased when Cash signed to American Records after getting dropped by his previous Label.
Berti and Kerry
Berti showing her pretty face!!!
Smack-Ram-en after he got his ear bit off in a bar in Rio

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