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Second Gallery of Friends

Ajay Drunk Dog Sapparo Dog
Sapporo stole my drunk look for their drunk dog
Curtis done Sapparo Squirrel
The Original Chestnut Squirrel Sapporo stole the idea for their drunk Chestnut Squirrel from the original
Gabe Kaplan Blackhand Works
BRC and fiends on the beach BRC and fiends at Hermosa Beach Yacht Club
Ajay at lunch Love the Crooked I
I do like my adult beverages more than food, except for the Vietnamese hot sauce!
Sophie's Friday night Breakfast beers
The Angriman, dr.bhatt, e.Bowla, and The Dirty Greggle enjoying a Friday night at Sophie's Bar followed by a Saturday morning breakfast beer in April 1998. God me and Elbert were skinny!
Murphy's Law Halloween 1998 Murphy's Law Halloween 1998
Some pixs from the Murphy's Law Halloween 1998 show at Coney Island High
Dying March 1999 Done March 1999
Me and The Dirty Greggle dying on Sophie's vine March 1999. These pixs were taken on a Thursday night. On Wednesday I had a 103 degree fever and left work early. I called in sick Thursday. Didn't even bother calling in sick on Friday, just didn't show up, and when I got back to my apartment on Sunday afternoon still wearing the same clothes I could not stand up. There is something wrong with you when you are sick as a dog, party for 4 days and don't even bother to stop off at home to shower.

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