institutionalized! - 2006

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Just a less than random selection of pixs from the first 9 months of 2006

Staley Libre
Staley Libre in his wrestling mask
Sung Breakfast Empire State
Our picnic during wine drinking Elbert and Mamie drinking wine
the girls the boys
The girls The guys
Booty Drivers
Some of the booty at the Sonoma drift races One of the drivers at the Sonoma drift races
The bitch Pastry Surprise
Joh666n and his new Harley
Booty Drivers
Malt liquor tasting participants Malt liquors tasted
Life on Mars Life on Mars
People find Life on Mars funny
Kate and James Kate and James
You decide which pix of Kate and James is better
bhatt and co
dr.bhatt and the guy who filmed the giant squid

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