New Bomb Turks, Gas Huffer and The Prissteens









Coney Island High 4/17/96

I went and saw the Turks this last weekend.  They are weird, no skinheads came out either so that made it kind of weird.  No stage diving, rolling was minimal and done like you where at a party in some high school kid's garage not at Coney Island High and I was in the pit with my glasses and not even worried about them.  Luckily there were no kids with backpacks and Oasis t-shirts either.  Gas Huffers opened and they are even weirder.

The Prissteens were the first band.  they were probably the best band all night.  They were hot too, except the drummer, he was a guy.  The other bands were selling t-shirts, cd's and stickers.  The Prissteens were selling small tight t-shirts, panties and dirty panties.

This weekend involves Let's Go Bowling on Friday, some local hardcore on Saturday and ska on Sunday.  Should be good.

Anyway I will talk to you later.  Jake is looking into Vegas so hopefully we will be out there sometime this spring or summer.

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