Murphy's Law St. Patrick's 2001









Murphy's Law, St. Patrick's Day 2001

The Continental 3/17/01

For ten years I have wanted to do one thing, introduce Ska Song at a Murphy's Law show. Tonight by happenstance that happened. I was up on stage and it was between songs, so as usual I decided to wait until the next song started to do anything. Tonight the line up had its usual changes and they had a new guitarist and bass player. Well the new guitarist was definitely into classic rock. Every chance he got he played a riff from a classic rock song. Well any way, so the band was jamming a classic rock riff and I was waiting for them to start a Murphy's Law song, and by pure chance the jam turned into Ska Song and there I am on stage with Jimmy and I am singing solo into the mic "Skank it to the rhythm, Skank it to the beat, Skank it to the rhythm of the Murphy Beat." And the crowd was just starting to realize we were entering into the Ska Song as I brought it on.

Something was just not right however. Murphy's Law not at Coney Island High is always troublesome.

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