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Halloween '92 - '97

Murphy's Law/D Generation/Electric Frankenstein

Coney Island High 10/31/97

It is definitely Halloween time.  There have been many treats and few tricks to spread around.

Treats!!!  There are a few of them.  Tammy I hope you liked yours.  Jim I hope yours made it to the refrigerator.  I will see Jimmy Tokens tomorrow and I am sure he will tell me what he thought of his treat.  I’ll probably even get a beer out of it, cause I can tell you right now he loved it.  I should probably throw-up before I see him so that my stomach is empty because I know I will be crying laughing when I talk to him.

Treats to come!!!  There are a few of them also.  Tonight at the Murphy’s Law show I floated John a $20 bill and got a treat for both e.bowla and Joh666n.  Joh666n and Big D are probably the two guys on the distribution I have never met that I need to meet next, not that the rest of you do not deserve to be met.  This is the second treat I have acquired for Joh666n even though I have never met him.  As the perpetually small guy, I have found that it is beneficial to have friends who will kick anyone’s ass you ask them with out any sort of justification.  Based on the number of ass kickin’s  Joh666n has administered I think Joh666n seems to fill that need.  It is nice knowing that even if you are smaller than a guy he won’t pull shit on you because he knows if he does he will have his ass beaten to a pulp.

Although I have never met you Big D, you know what floats and what doesn’t right away.  I respect that!!!  I think that we have a mutual respect for each other.  If you say something is the bomb I will accept that wholeheartedly.  Through experience I think that you know what I say can be respected and will not let you down!!!  Thanks for all the props!!!  If you don’t agree let me know IMMEDIATELY!!!  Also it seems that you suffer the same harassment from the one-timers that I do.  Luckily, we are both still stalking streets and homes, and not behind bars.  Although only one of my multiple encounters with the one-timers is the result of drinking.  Even then, it was only because Mayor Ghouliani is cracking down on what was before accepted as part of normal NYC life.  Now, one cannot walk down the street with a beer in a brown bag.

Midori, your treat is going to come as soon as possible.  I doubt that I will wake up tomorrow in time to go buy blank tapes, make your tape, and send it before the post office closes.  That might be for the best though.  It costs me 78 cents to mail a tape domestically.  I guess it would cost me about $4 to $5 to send it first class internationally.  I will probably send it to Patrick McEntee’s APO address.  What is your last name?  Mihalic or Miura.  I do not like to ask for anything from anybody, but can you send me a 5X7 picture of you and Michi with Toby, Jimmy, and Roger.  I am going to frame it and put it on my wall.  I have been thinking about what a great picture that must be, if e.bowla did not fuck up taking it.  My friend Andy keyed me into that it is a picture that is most worthy of having.  I think you now realize who those three were.  Andy has been dancing around his apartment, consistently I understand, since he bought the H2O CD.  I cannot blame him.  I love it too.

Kartik, if there are any left over tapes, as I assume I will be buying in bulk once again I will deliver to you the promised all variations of ska that I have to you.  by putting it off this long you now will get some skinhead reggae that I did not have before.

Live View - Murphy’s Law, D Generation, Electric Frankenstein plus others I missed at Coney Island High.  10/31/97

As much as I wanted to write this, if for no other reason than this is Midori’s first Bhatt-Zine and she likes Murphy’s Law and it was the Murphy’s Law Halloween show, I don’t think I can write any more Bhatt-Zine's.  I have lost the edge that keeps it fresh.  Believe me it was an awesome show!!!  My “show” shirt is now retired and I need to find another “show” shirt.

A history of Murphy’s Law Halloween Shows:

1992 - The Tilt - Allegedly sold-out show.  I call up and the Tilt tells me that they will sell a limited number of tickets at the door.  We go down early and get in line.  We pay the $10 and get in.  Allegedly all the money is going to pay Jimmy Gestapo’s legal bills from when he allegedly started a riot in Florida.  Helga, are you proud of my legalese.  A great fucking show.  A “Wall of Death” I will never forget.  We cleared an area that looked like a bowling alley in front of the stage and in unison with arms locked we all rushed the stage and the last thing I remember hearing was Jimmy saying to the few bouncers that if they have never seen the “Wall of Death” to watch out as a mass of bodies was about to rush the stage.  We ran over any one on stage who was in our way.   Later e.bowla was carrying Thruster, the guitarist at the time, and me on his shoulder regardless of the fact that he allegedly was not going to mosh that night since he could hardly walk after running 10K that day for ROTC.  I put a nice sized bite into my tongue that night.

1993 - The Grand - Me and two other guys show up at The Grand and the show is over.  I bought a ticket in advance.  Allegedly there were several fights and they played a real quick set and kicked everyone out.  That was just the ending to an ugly evening I will never forget.  I thought I might die that night.

1994 - No Show - I go to CBGB’s and see Alice Donut and Ultra Bide.  Ultra Bide plays their set and leave everyone in awe.   Two more bands play and then Alice Donut plays.  Every band and every person in the place unanimously agree Ultra Bide is the best band of the night.  That was one of their first NYC shows.  They are now on Alternative Tentacles Records.

1995 - Coney Island High - I go to Berkeley and miss the Murphy’s Law and Misfits show.  As a result I meet Adam, current bassist for The Toilet Boys.  I have a strong feeling they sux!!!  Adam did give me a Misfits Halloween 1995 poster though.

1996 - Coney Island High - I take off work and go to the show.  H2O opens and they are the best band around, but at this time they are still just making it.  They play the best set I have ever seen, H2O or any other BAND.  I get a kick in the head and I to this day think I had a concussion since I saw my vision black out over the course of 3 seconds and come back over the course of another 3 seconds.  I stay to the end of the H2O set since they are so good.  Between the Murphy’s Law and H2O set I decide to leave while I am still able to walk out on my own ability.  I have suffered so many injuries at Murphy’s Law shows, not Halloween shows,  that I knew that if I stayed and saw Murphy’s Law I would probably leave in an ambulance.

1997 - Coney Island High - I get there and Electric Frankstien is on.  They are good, as expected.  Goat is playing drums for them.  I was down in the green room during the early part of the show.  I asked Goat if he was trying to play with every NYHC band around.  Now I have seen him play for Crown of Thornz, Murphy’s Law, and Electric Frankenstein.  Goat said he is trying to get his way through all the bands, a joke obviously.  D Generation comes on.  They sux.  While they are suxing I look up and realize that Todd Youth is playing guitar for them!!!  Todd Youth is one of the best hardcore guitarists’ ever!!!  The best hardcore guitarist include: Vinne Stigma, Todd Youth, and Gregg Ginn.  There are two things that upset me:

  • When animals smoke cigarettes.
  • When Todd Youth plays guitar with D Generation, the biggest group of losers that I have ever seen.  While, Todd Youth’s band The HomeWreckers is getting much positive support from every respectable band in NY Hardcore.  When me and e.bowla went to see The Skatalites our freshman year of college, although we left at about 1:30 am and never saw The Skatalites that night because we had a Physics mid-term the next day we needed to study for, we did see the two opening acts.  Both of them, The Radicts, and Vival La Wattage suxed.  D Generation’s guitarist other than Todd Youth, was the guitarist for Viva La Wattage.  They sux!!! (Note: Todd Youth was one of the old guitarists for Murphy’s Law, Warzone, and a few other classic NYHC bands)
So Murphy’s Law plays an excellent set.  They break it out with the Halloween theme song, Black Sabbath.  Thankfully, against my original guess they played Cavity Creeps then Panty Raid instead of Cavity Creeps followed by Panty Raid.  There are treats given out and all enjoy.  A couple of Guinness go around.  They play all good songs.  Of course there is no set list.  After all these years I got Jimmy to respect The Single Indian Hardcore Fan.  Although he thought I meant American Indian.  I did not try to explain it to him.  The show was all good.  I got in a couple somersault rolls, regular rolls, a shoulder ride, and some moshin’ and skankin’ in the pit.  I have never done a somersault roll before tonight.  Only once before have I ever gotten a shoulder ride.  Roger and Vinnie from Ag Front were there.  Vinnie led the costume contest, this guy in a cow costume won!!!???  He did give me the mic to do a shout out.  I gave a shout out for Indian’s supporting Hardcore.
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