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The Middle East, Cambridge MA 9/22/97

It is now 3:45 AM on Friday night.  Which is pretty close to 4AM Friday, a great Avail album.  I have to go to the dentist at 8AM tomorrow morning to get my teeth fixed.  I am hoping to write two bhatt-zines which should take about an hour, which will make it 4:45 AM.  H2O is playing tomorrow at 2PM, which means that if I make it to the dentist tomorrow the day will be a tribute to The Descendents Caffeine Nation tour, especially since Staley is getting in to NYC at 6AM today/tomorrow.

Sorry about the two week delay.  A lot of shiite has happened since I went to the Murphy's Law show.  Primarily I went to Princeton, NJ to work and spent 2 1/2 hours commuting a day since I chose to stay with my parents instead of in a hotel, and I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my teeth and how to get them fixed.

Hopefully this live view is acceptable.  If it is not I have to blame the time delay, which I will stand up and take the blame for.

First thing the show was at The Middle East in Cambridge, Mass.  Now the list of places I have seen Murphy's Law has expanded by a venue and a state.  I tried to count the number of Murphy's Law shows I have seen but it has exceeded zero and I have trouble counting above zero.  Secondly I had my left center front top tooth and my second from the center on the bottom left tooth chipped at this show and spent a week bitching about the pain while the nerves slowly died.

The Middle East was a nice sized venue and unlike Coney Island High was not 120 degrees.  There was a barricade bolted to the stage, but they took it down for Murphy's Law.  Got to give respect where respect is due.  Jimmy obviously told them that he wanted to open the stage to the spectators.  I only did two stage dives but must say that I got good height and duration on the first one.  The Boston crowd just cannot compare to NYC.  although e.bowla said that the Boston crowd was better than the LA crowd.  I have never seen a Murphy's Law show in NYC that wasn't standing room only.  The pit in Boston could hardly support a good roll.  Even when I went to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (of Bruce Springsteen fame) there was a better turnout.  Maybe Sunday night in Boston is hard to support.  Murphy's Law, however many complications, never fails to satisfy.  It was actually one of the better Murphy's Law shows I have seen recently.  Jimmy didn't talk too much and let the band play a couple songs.  Although when I wanted to hear "Ilsa" Jimmy told me that the new guitarist didn't know Ilsa yet.  The guitarist was on his third show.  Since AJ Novella and Pokey went to play with "Both Worlds" we weren't on the guest list and had to fork out the eight duckets for the show.  A small price when you consider the price of the bus ticket and what the dentist is going to charge me tomorrow to fix my teeth.  Other than the permanent mental and physical damage the show was pretty good.  Snuff opened up and they were pretty good.  They played a Specials cover song that I quite enjoyed.  They played a good set and are once again a great opening band.  I saw them last open for NoFX last year.

I am sorry about the inadequacy of the Murphy's Law live view.  I seriously have only been thinking about my teeth and not on the quality of the show.

Just as predicted it is now 4:45 AM Friday night/Saturday morning.  Another Bhatt-Zine will be out by the weekend for the H2O show tomorrow afternoon.  I just hope I can wake up in an hour and half to go to the dentist and can sober up enough that I don't walk in smelling like beer.


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