Mexican Elvis









Mexican Elvis
"There Is Always Time For Golden Anniversary"

Under Acme - 2/2/01

In less than Bhatt-zine fashion, I am writing this review while it is still dark outside. As I continue to age I find myself partying until 7:00 AM less frequently, and correspondingly the quality of my reviews diminish in strength. It is only 4:00 AM and there are still many bars and after-hours establishments that I could be frequenting; however, I find myself at home assessing Mexican Elvis. Also after a three year hiatus I am sure my writing and review skills have suffered tremendously. I will try to do Mexican Elvis the justice they deserve, but as many old timer Bhatt-zine readers will recognize there is a reason I gave up the Bhatt-zine. Four years ago when I ended the Bhatt-zine it was because all of you started carrying on the tradition I started and had a fresh perspective to the new music scene and I had become "Jaded." I ended the Bhatt-zine because I saw so much support from all of you that I left it to all of you to carry on, mostly because you all saw what I was doing and started to create something better and more vibrant.

In order to continue my creative outflow, after I demised the Bhatt-zine I started my multi-topic hard copy 'zine "Institutionalized," which received unprecedented support. I was actually asked to join the NYC Alternative Transportation Activist Circle to attack the mayor of NYC based on one of my articles; fortunately I am not an activist - just an anarchist. Additionally I received random requests for a subscription from a few random people who picked up the few issues which were distributed around the country. Well back to the main point of the Evening. Mexican Elvis! They were a great Rock'n'Roll band. These guys knew how to play the three chord monte better than any band around. They were by far the funniest band I have seen in many years, and I have seen many bands that were supposed to be funny. Murphy's Law is to Beer as H2O is to Water just as Mexican Elvis is to Comedy as The Misfits are to Horror.

Mexican Elvis plays good Rock'n'Roll!!!! I went in expecting a fun show, but not a good band. I was surprised to say the least. They were both a great band and funny. Any band that can respect Elvis and Golden Anniversary beer is worthy of respect. Additionally, one must respect how tight they play the three chord monte. This band is so worthy of respect I can only point you to my last shows reviews on which were truly great. However a recent attempt to update the entire sight killed the entire site. Try the main site and hopefully I will fix the links the weekend of the 2/3/00.

The best part of the Mexican Elvis show was when a jerk-off bumped into me and I ignored him, since at a punk rock show getting bumped into is the norm and this was a rock'n'roll show and I didn't know the etiquette of a rock'n'roll show. Then he bumped into everyone between me and the stage and one of the pretty punk rock girls at the front of the stage grabbed the jerk-off by the shirt and pushed him back to the back area. Then my friend Adam grabbed the asshole and started kicking his ass. Needless to say my blood was pumping at a good fight scene and Adam took on the upcoming band and Elvis and I jumped on the guy Adam had put down until the bouncer kicked him out.

God nothing cleans the soul like a good fight!


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