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Dread Zepplin/King Chango

The Wetlands 10/4/97

It is now 3:45 AM on Friday night.  Which is pretty close to 4AM Friday, a great Avail album.  I have to go to the dentist at 8AM tomorrow morning to get my teeth fixed.  I am hoping to write two Bhatt-Zines which should take about an hour, which will make it 4:45 AM.  H2O is playing tomorrow at 2PM, which means that even if I make it to the dentist tomorrow the day will be a tribute to The Descendents Caffeine Nation tour, especially since Staley is getting in to NYC at 6AM today/tomorrow.

Went to The Wetlands tonight to see Dread Zepplin, Common Sense, and King Chango.  Musically, I know what I like and what I respect.  Tonight Dread Zepplin opened a new category of what suxes shiite!  I don't think I have ever seen a band that was so dreadfully bad.  Considering the number of bands I have seen over the years that is a pretty impressive feat.  It is one thing to play original songs and sux, and another to play Led Zepplin covers and fuck them up when you are headlining the show.  I did however realize how much Glenn Danzig sounds like Elvis tonight.  The difference between Glenn and the singer for Dread Zepplin is at least Glenn wrote his own lyrics.

I have to give a shout out to Eileen for telling me tonight before I left home that Dread Zepplin suxed.  However my bank wasn't wasted.  King Chango was awesome.  They played great ska.  Lots of good originals with a few covers that they added a latin twist too.  The guitarist also alternated as the trombone player.  And the bass player was something else, never "seen" a bass player quite like King Chango's before.  Even Lloyd Knibbs doesn't compare.  I am pissed that I missed King Chango at Summer Stage.  I had to go home that weekend to drive my sister's car from my parents house to her house.  I did manage to see Murphy's Law on Friday night and go home on the following Saturday morning.  I like my mom, but it is really hard to miss a Murphy's Law show, but I did give up a free outdoor King Chango performance.  (My mother wants me to come home for Halloween and possibly miss the Murphy's Law Halloween show, I am still trying to figure out how to pull off going to the Murphy's Law show without upsetting my mother and feeling guilty (and I am not even guilty of being white.))  Common Sense was pretty good also.   They played some good reggae, not dancehall stylee but good old fashioned ska/rock steady reggae, if you can call that reggae.  It was reggae but had clear ska overtones.  The general consensus was that King Chango was the best band of the night.

(Side bar: it turns out that this secretary I am friends with at work knows about ska music.  I mentioned to her today that I listen to ska music and she knew what it was.  I asked how she knew about it and she said her father listened to it.  I asked her to get me some of his old records but she said no.  I once worked with this guy whose father was a ska DJ back in the day and I asked him to get me some of his father's old records and he said his father kept those records locked up.  I don't think I was ever meant to have any ska records.)

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