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Jets To Brazil

Dave Cava's review of the Jets To Brazil show at The Bowery Ballroom on July 5th 2003.

I went to see Cardia / Retisonic / Jets to Brazil last night. I was stoked as I felt like it had the potential to be an incredible show. Frankly, the whole show was a little disappointing. I just plain old didn't like Cardia - I guess you'll dig them if you dig Radiohead, but I don't. Ian's falsetto voice was driving me nuts after a while. Retisonic rules, but the sound was a lot muddier than when I saw them a few months ago. And Jets To Brazil just did not bring the rock the way I expected them to. It was the last show of a six week tour, and they were playing like it was the first show of the tour. It seemed like they couldn't get any momentum going. There was like a minute between each song. They sounded great on every song, but they seemed bent on keeping the driving rock they do so well to a minimum. A few songs in to the set, the singer traded his guitar for a keyboard and did 3 songs sitting down at the keyboard. The crowd starting yelling stuff like 'play Piano Man' and 'hey, it's Ben Folds'. NY hecklers rule.

It's really annoying when bands that are capable of really bringing the rock try to be all mature and crap. I have been disappointed more often than not with all the post-punk type bands I used to really like lately. Rival Schools and Instruction have been the exception, and even they have had off nights. Burning Airlines, Cardia, Jets To Brazil, and the like have not been great live in the last year or two, and Fugazi didn't come within 100 miles of NY on their last tour. It's such a great genre of music, but I am going to stay home more until some of these guys start showing me something. I'll go see stuff like the Diffuser show 10 minutes from my house instead - a young, hungry band and it costs $9 and you get a free full-length CD. Washed up punks ain't getting any more of my $$ for awhile.

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