Epitaph Summer Nationals 3










The Roxy 9/5/97

All these shows and bands are catching up with me.  Got in to work a little later than usual so I will keep it short.  It didn't help that after I got home last night I spent an hour reading about and comparing bike parts.

I think it was Fat Mike, but of course without my glasses on it is hard to tell, who said The Bosstones went to the fuck MTV music awards!

Went to The Roxy for the final epitaph show.  It was all good.  Jim you would have loved it.  It is hard to believe that I never picked up "White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean."  Jimmy Gestapo, El Jefe, and Eric Melvins closed down The Village Idiot last night.  It is hard to imagine three punk rockers hangin out at a country western bar all night.  Fat Mike, I put my glasses back on by this point, proclaimed Jimmy the King of NY, although that title may be reserved for Christopher Walken.  Any way the show was great, except The Red Aunts.  They are the first all girl band that i have seen that really suxed.  Do check out Sleater Kinney if you get a chance.  A three girl band that kicks ass.  The line up was:
Hepcat (Hellcat Records)
New Bomb Turks
Red Aunts
US Bombs (Hellcat Records)
The Gadjits (Hellcat Records)

Tonight if I am awake The Homewreckers (Todd Youth's new band) and Wayne Kramer are playing The Continental.

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