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The Roxy 9/4/97

Went to The Roxy again last night for some good clean hardcore fun.  You know you are old when you get to The Roxy and there is a line down the block.  I asked some one at the front of the line if it was the line for ticket holders?  They said no, it was for no ID.   Since I had a ticket I went right up to the door and they carded the two guys in front of me, but just waived me in.  I guess the gray hairs are becoming more noticeable.

Humpers were on when I got there.  Didn't really get a chance to form an opinion.

Joykillers were next.  They were good and funny.  Maybe Jimmy Gestapo could take a few lessons from them.  The singer was funny and didn't talk too much.  Just enough.  Their songs had variety, but I wouldn't buy their cd, but would definitely check them out again.

Ten Foot Pole.  I am going to buy their cd.  They were really good.  Really made you want to run around and mosh it up.  They were funny too.  They are going on tour with Guttermouth next week so they were practicing swearing a lot.

Wayne Kramer.  Former MC5 guitarist still can play some kickin' tunes when he wants to.  Didn't play too long but he is opening for The Homewreckers on Friday night so I will see him again then.  He played some good songs, but nothing like what the bands of today play.  I don't even think that most of the kids at the show had even heard of the MC5.  He is one old looking guy.  His drummer and bassist are probably studio musicians because they were really talented.

Down By Law.  Dave Smalley looks pretty bad.  But he has been around for a while too.  They put on a pretty good live show.  I have their punkrockacademyfightsong cd but don't really listen to it much.  But hearing them live, they really put a lot of energy into it, where as the studio albums are more about having a well produced album than playing killer tunes.  Dave seemed like a nice enough guy.  He threw out his CMJ band pass into the crowd so that who ever got it could go back stage and do what ever they wanted.  He told the sound men to fuck off because they weren't turning up the sound.  Basically he wanted to do what ever he could to make it better for the people who came out to see the show.

H2O!!!  Once again they never fail to satisfy.  They kicked ass.  The pit was going full strength for the hometown heroes.  They played a bunch of new songs from their upcoming album "Thicker Than Water."  The songs are good but I don't know any of the words so it makes it hard to sing along.  This one guy was throwing people way up too.  even my skinny ass has never seen height like he was doing.  I have never seen it before, but if it was bmx street freestyle they would call the stunt "superman."  At a couple different points he would stand on the side of the pit closest to the stage and we would clear a path through the pit and people would run across and he would just throw them up as high as he could.  He must have done this about 20 times.  When I went I couldn't really see that well (damn 10/20 vision) so I missed his hands by a little bit so I didn't get that high, but if he was putting up others higher than I had every seen, I probably would have gone over the barricades (I think a couple people did).  I some how have fallen down to 120 lbs.  It was complete madness.  H2O are playing October 4th at Tramps if any of you Boston crew want to make a trip.  The show is $3.33.  I escaped with only minor injury.  Although it was stinging for a while.  I cut my finger on this guy's teeth as I was helping him keep from falling down.  They say the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body.  Good thing a keep a stock of H2O2, sterilized pads, and antibiotic cream in my bathroom for cleaning my seemingly too periodic wounds.

Pennywise anchored the show.  After H2O I didn't really have much motivation to see them but stuck around anyway.  They were good, but to follow H2O has got to be tough in NYC.  If they played before H2O I probably would have enjoyed them more.  They kind of played the same set that they did at The Warped Tour too, which wasn't really cool.

Tonight I will either go to:
1) fuck MTV music awards
2) Coney Island High Lookout Records night - Avail, Mr. T Experience, Auntie Christ, Hi Fives, Young Pioneers (last night when I got home I called CIH and they said they only have 3 tickets left)
3) Roxy for the final night of the epitaph summer finals -
Hepcat (Hellcat Records)
New Bomb Turks
Red Aunts
The Gadjits (Hellcat Records)
4) Sophie's bar

Option 3 looks the most likely, but option 2 the most desirable.

Got to get back to work.  That is what they pay me for after all.

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