NoFX and Ruder Than You









NoFX/Snuff/Ruder Than You/Insteps

Ruder Than You/Insteps - The Continental 3/1/96
NoFX/Snuff - Coney Island High 3/2/96

This weekend was a double good show weekend.  NoFX and Ruder Than You, from skallapoolazza.

Ruder Than You played Friday night, they are still as good as they were in Skallapoolazza and the Insteps opened for them.  I literally almost threw up a couple times from skanking too much with minimal water. NoFX on Saturday with Snuff (kick ass band) and Lunachicks.  Snuff is a must have cd.  they are hardcore playing ska, or I guess they call themselves Oi!  they covered a Specials song, I will never again be able to listen to the Specials version again.

NoFX were pretty good. I have not been to a hardcore show since september.  The pit was one of the most (an adjective I don't know should be placed here) I have ever seen.  Jimmy Gestapo was there and moshing it up pretty good. Fat Mike was surprised at how much he could still mosh at his age (30). All through the show he kept saying how Jim was still the man.  he introduced him as the bald headed guy who cleans the toilet bowl at "Coney Island High."  Towards the end of the show I helped this guy (I am assuming he was a guy) up from the floor.  He had been in the pit since the beginning, I had too and I was sweat soaked completely, NoExceptions. He was "ice cold."  I think he might have been the devil and came out to see NoFX.

After the show at College Inn this kid was drunk as if at level six, but it was only midnight.  He was from Buffalo and had no where to go so his friend brought him to the Inn.  They kept going in and out.  He was throwing up all kinds of shit. I think he had a bowl of soup earlier in the eve.  Some one called 911 when he was lying on the ground in front of the Inn and was throwing up something ugly.  They brought him back into the Inn and Nick came over and was like what the hell are you doing and some woman asked him if he wanted a tip and tried to give him a dollar.  He wanted the kid out.  The ambulance came and took him out in a chair thing. They strapped him into it and wheeled him outside.  When we left he was walking around again. When the paramedics took him out they said they were going to take him to the hospital.

I went home and saw Op Ivy on Pyscho TV.

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