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Vegas 2.0 - April 2003

Las Vegas is a good thing. I recently visited Las Vegas to attend an incredible friend’s wedding, Heidi. While I love Heidi more than most any woman, I love drinking more. Of course I did what any alcoholic would do. I visited the best bar in Las Vegas. I tried to see Heidi, but unfortunately things were against me on this trip. Several of my fiends were in Vegas for work that week, and I wanted to get to Vegas as early as possible. However, I was summoned to jury duty and when you have been unemployed for 14 months the prospect of making $40/day is greater than seeing your friends from NYC in Vegas. So I took the flights I was scheduled for. My flight into Vegas got in around 11:30PM. Which was only minutes before my friends Heidi and Jenny went to sleep. I did manage to meet up with Heidi’s old school friends at the bar at the Paris Hotel. I was happy that Heidi’s good friend Katherine spotted me and pulled me into Heidi’s group of friends that didn’t call it an early night, I turned down their invitation to hang out with them at the tables and went to the now classic “Double Down Saloon.”

The Double Down needs no introduction. See the link behind. It has been a classic bar for years for the fiends of “BRC.” It is the bar of “record” for Bison; a resident of Las Vegas; and Dave Attel; the host of Comedy Central’s “Insomniac Show.” It is the only bar in Vegas that wasn’t sued for challenging Disney World as being the Happiest Place on Earth. Plus the “Ass Juice” is world famous, When I met the guy who runs “The Double Down” he told me that the Vomit Insurance is null and void if you make it to the bathroom, it is if you don't make it to the bathroom that you need the Vomit Insurance. I loved this place. It is the only place on Earth I struggled to find 16 songs to play on the juke box. They have the best juke box I have ever seen. A regular patron asked me where I found a hidden classic on the Juke Box. It turns out, his band covers the hidden classic I found. He never knew it was on the juke box and he spends every weekend at “The Double Down” since it was buried.

Also one of the best bars outside of The Double Down in Vegas is The Club Deuce Bar in Miami Beach. As it turns out, while at “The Three of Cups” in NYC, I was wearing my “Club Deuce” t-shirt at The Three Of Cups in NYC. This guy stopped me and said, “That is an awesome club!” I responded, “Club Deuce is to South Beach Miami as The Double Down is to Las Vegas.” He responded, “I run The Double Down in Vegas.” He proceeded to pull out his business card to confirm his allegation. Insane how close the best bars in America are related.

I did try to enjoy the signature drink, “The Ass Juice,” from “Our Ass to your Glass” at The Double Down. Not worth the money. Actually pretty much sugar water. But if you go these days, since Dave Attel and Comedy Central made the place famous you should try it. Also these days, if you walk in with a camera and a Comedy Central sticker on the side you can get the girls there to flash their tits. When I was there I was happy just getting props for playing great tunes all night. I played 16 songs in a row.

Unfortunately, the great drinking event was disturbed by a wedding. I managed to interrupt my festivities with the wedding of one of my best friend’s weddings. No regrets!!!

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