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An Interview with Porn Star Sunset Thomas

Max Gunner

Until four weeks ago, I thought Raquel Darrian was pretty much untouchable when it came to mega hot porn stars. Then I discovered Sunset Thomas. How I missed her for so long is a mystery to me. But I fell absolutely in love.

She is the perfect woman: young, outrageously hard body, shoulder length jet blonde hair, full lips, sweet as pie personality, Southern accent, innocent yet naughty demeanor, dirty bad-girl smile, previous NASCAR trophy girl and, oh yeah, she fucks like mad and she swallows. Now this is the kind of girl you put a ring on and bring home to Mother.

At only 25 years old, Sunset has featured in 155 films to date for Sin City, Erol, VCA, Passionate Pictures, Vivid and most recently Zane Entertainment (props to Matt Zane and Jeff Hickley) including Babenet (can I get this back sometime this year Troy?), Diva 3, Black Orchid, New Wave Hookers 5, Pleasure Dome, Latex (Sunset's favorite) and Debbie Does Dallas Again.

Sunset was the October 1997 Penthouse Pet and I highly suggest you find at all costs this sold out issue. I met up with Sunset at her Mustang Ranch (near San Antonio, Texas) where she has lived for the last three years along with her six horses. Sunset has a way with people ... certainly an incredible way of making me feel comfortable with her. Hell, I was mesmerized.

So you were a NASCAR trophy girl?
It was so much fun and I knew all the drivers. When they won a race, they would come back to the Winner's Circle, I'd give them a kiss and squirt champagne on them on TV. But that was a long time ago. I haven't been to the races in years.

Quite a change in careers. Now it is you who gets squirted on, eh?
That's me. I love the camera. It really turns me on when the camera's on me. I just cream in my pants. I don't know what happens inside me exactly. I just get turned on when people are watching me have sex on the set.

I've noticed from watching your films that you are very good at giving head to women. You are really enjoy it, don't you?
Oh, I love eating pussy. You just get on the clit. A lot of girls and guys don't know how to eat out. I like it right on my clit and really fast. Then stop in the middle and fuck and then go back down. I love licking another girl's pussy and I don't even need her to do me. I just get so turned on that I can get off just by the taste of her. If a guy is bad at eating pussy, I'll just fuck his tongue myself. But sooner or later I want that dick. I'm like that.

Have you always been a sexual person?
Yes, before doing porno I had quite an adventurous sexual history including doing a lot of girls, threesomes and other stuff. I always cum on film. I never fake my orgasms. If the director calls for the pop shot and I haven't cum yet, I demand the guy goes down on me. It bothers me that some people fake it on film. I'll just play with myself if the guy is tired. I'm getting off no matter what.

Who owns your favorite pussy/cock to suck?
Pussy, hmmm ... Asia Carrera, but I'd like to try Janine. Cock? Zach Adams of course, then Peter North. I just have two rules. You can cum on my face, but just don't get it in my eyes or nose. It's best when a guy doesn't smoke or drink or anything like that.

Sunset, I don't drink or smoke.
Then (giggling) I bet you taste pretty sweet, Max.

On Seinfeld, would you rather blow Jerry or Kramer?
Kramer's got crazy hair, right? Okay. Jerry's cute, but I think he has a small dick. Now Kramer on the other hand, he's huge. Yeah, he definitely has a huge cock so I would go for him.

Would you rather go down on Elaine or George's fiancee Susan?
Definitely Elaine. I think she would be wild in bed, especially with another woman. I would definitely go down on Elaine.

At my local fun shop, this clerk Habib was selling Sunset Thomas' Realistic Vibrating Vagina for $79.95 for those lonely nights at home. The box read "this perfect replica was molded directly from Sunset's open spread legs." Did you really model for it?
I sure did. They put this white plastic stuff on my pussy and let it dry. It was very cold. But I don't think it looks like my pussy. My clit is actually much bigger than that.

What do you do when you're not making films or taking care of the horses?
I dance a lot when I am not making movies. It's the best. I get to have free orgasms when I lap dance. I love to feel a guy's cock getting hard when I lap dance for him. I love my fans and like to meet them at clubs. So if you see me, you'd better say hello.

What else would you like the world to know about you Sunset?
I am a family person, I'm caring and concerned for others. Hmmm ... And the panties I sell through my fan club really do have pussy juice on them. I wear those panties for a day and then send them out.

You told me you like Garth Brooks, so obviously you are into cool music. Have you ever heard of Muckafurgason?

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