Steak and Ribs









Steak and Ribs

Buck Mandingo

I hope my assumption isn't correct, but I figured that you, like myself, is probably without steak & ribs. If you are estranged from these succulent treasures, you're most likely salivating as you dream of a time in the near future when you will have them both in your mouth.

I like to eat. Meat is without question, my favorite food, but pork is a close second. They are both so very tasty; it is only my ass that regrets our frequent get-togethers. Is there any greater joy to man than to have his porterhouse served bloody, direct from the grill? To have his wench leaving at his feet rack after rack of delicately seasoned baby backs, doing so quietly so as to not break his rhythm. Yes, this is truly the state for which all men should aspire. To be served steak and ribs by a well trained and obedient harlot, who knows of nothing else but the preparation of grilled animal flesh.

Indeed, I do like to eat.

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