An Interview with Raylene

Max Gunner

I was down at CBGB last weekend with a hot little friend of mine to see Muckafurgason. A guy at the bar overheard my name as someone else said hello, and proceeded to tell me how cool my job is - you know interviewing porn stars and all. Is that cool, interviewing porn stars? Having complete access to all the porn babes and calling them right after I watch them suck down a mean hog or two or three or four. Is that cool? On a monthly basis, I receive free of charge all of the new adult releases from the hottest sex film companies, along with color glossies and slides. Is that cool? I have to sit and watch all of these movies from beginning to end, sometimes up to four or five times for each movie. Is that cool? I get invited to the actual set of pornos being filmed. Is that cool? I can name almost every porn star on sight and only need to see a porn dude's cock to recognize who he is. Rahib at my local video shop is starting to ask me what's hot and what's not. Is that cool? My female friends are coming over to my place to check out what is new in porn. Is that cool? You bet your sweet ass it is!

Raylene has been on the adult circuit since September of 1996. She's never granted an interview and recently even turned down "Hustler." Hearing that, I felt it was my duty to you , the fucked-up "POPsmear" readers, to talk with Raylene. How could I resist? Just look at her. At only 20 years old, Raylene measures in at 36DD-24-35. She's smarter than you too! She skipped three grades and graduated high school at 16. She has tattoos on the small of her back (unquestionably the hottest place to get a tattoo), her left ass cheek and her ankle. Raylene also has clit, belly button and double tongue piercings. Tell me, does that make you horny? I have her home phone number and I am not giving it to you ...

Raylene what was your first sexual experience?
When I was 15, a couple of guys picked me up at a liquor store and took me back to a house party. As we arrived, I saw naked girls coming out of the house. When I came in the front room, there were like eight early twentysomething girls all eating pussy in a daisy chain on the floor. I was so young, my friend Shane had to explain to me that it was a sex party.

What were the circumstances surrounding our first porn film?
I went on a houseboat trip with a lot of friends who I was having sex with off-camera. It was a weekend trip where you basically try to have sex with everyone as often as possible. A film crew was there to catch it all on tape. I knew all the people so I was very comfortable. It was not the first time I was fucking these people, but the first time on film. I love houseboat parties.

Do you prefer having sex on film with men or women?
I would have to say men. I love women, make no mistake about it, but I like it best in my private life. I gotta mention my girl Charlie, because she can eat pussy like you would not believe. She is amazing, so keep an eye out for her. She kind of has a Chasey Lain thing going on. There is a short list of about five guys I fuck all the time on camera. We all know each other well. Most girls have a short list of people they work with.

How often do you masturbate, Raylene? Do you watch your own films?
I masturbate almost everyday! I mean you have to keep yourself going right Max? I really don't like to watch myself on film. I usually get through half the film then begin to pick myself apart. I think I could have done this better or my hair is out of place or that my pussy looks strange. I am very picky.

What is the sickest thing you have ever done on film?
Oh God, I was working on an Elegant Angel video for this sick-ass director and he made me keep a dildo up my ass for 20 minutes! That was ridiculous. You should never have anything in your ass for more than, at most, like seven minutes. I mean that's tissue down there. Then he made me say "I'm such a whore" like a thousand times over. What a sick fuck that guy was.

What won't you do on film? Do you swallow?
I won't do double penetration, gang bangs or have someone slap me a lot. And I rarely do anal. You get paid more for anal scenes, but it is not my favorite - at least not right now. I don't swallow that often because I really don't like the taste. I mean, I have, but I don't really like it. I like it best when a guy cums on my tits.

What else should the world know about Raylene?
I'm not a selfish bitch. It's funny to see some of these girls on the set. They are so into themselves, totally ego-maniacs. They get rude in between sex scenes. They have to fix their lipstick between kisses and take a piece of hair out of their ass because it's not perfect. I am not like that. I think I can be raw, good looking and hot all at the same time. I make you hot, right Max? Also, I was on the TV show "Hunter" once.

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